The Pretzel Wank

Origin: Australian


Using your dominate masturbating hand put behind your back. Squat down and place your hand under and between your thighs. Reach up and pull on that little fella until you cum.

Used in a sentence:

I wasn’t in the mood for yoga last night, so I stretched out and had a pretzel wank.”


The Addrenilin Wank

Meaning:  An addrenilin wank is a game you play by yourself and another person (they can’t know they are playing) in the house. As your nearing on co pleting your masturbation session you yell out to the other person in the house, the challenge is to finish your wank before the other person opens the door and sees you.

Using in a sentence:

“My mum is getting the shits because Im not fast enough at playing addrenilin wank”.

Going Docking


When two gay men pull there dicks out. One is circumsed and one isn’t. The one with the foreskin puts his hood over the other guys penis.

Using in a sentence:

“I was gonna go fishing but I’ve lost my rod wanna go docking instead?”

Everything slang about games


Origin: Australian,American


A masturbating game played by young gay or confused men involving a biscuit and a lot of free time.

Used in sentence:

“Anyone hungry? No? Wanna have a game of soggy sao?

Other variations:

  • Soggy biscuit
  • Soggy biccy

3 of the funniest sex positions.


Origin: Australian

Meaning: Something that happens when going down (oral sex) on a female when she is on period. It will usually leave a red stain on the face resembling Napoli sauce.

Used in a sentence: “I don’t care if your on your monthlys, I love a dolmio grin.”

Origin: American,English

Meaning: Whilst engaging in anal sex with your spouse or friend, punch your sweetheart in the back of the head. This will cause her asshole to tighten giving you a tighter experience.

Using in a sentence:

The woman wasnt pleased and started having an angry temper after being donkey punched

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Origin: unknowm


Placing your testicles over another persons eyes and slapping them on the forehead.
Using in a sentence:

“Its that foggy out I can hardly see, its like I’m wearing a pair of Arabian Goggles.”